• Doing Business in Brazil

    Brazil is a rapidly growing, dynamic market.  The time to start planning your entry into this market is now. Brasco is a full service consulting firm that can guide your business to a successful Brazilian launch.  Our team has extensive expertise in both markets – by partnering with us, you will be far ahead of your competitors.

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  • The Common Market

    Mercosul, the Common Market, is a South American economic and political agreement designed to promote free trade and the fluid movement of goods, services and currency through the member countries. Standardized import policies and regulations are being created to increase the accessibility of these markets to foreign countries.
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  • Expanding your Business

    Many businesses today are experiencing flat sales, stagnant market growth, and saturation in their category domestically. You need a new horizon – crossing the frontier to expand your business to Brazil offers opportunities to grow your business, increase revenue, and reach a demographic eager to embrace your products, services and technology. By partnering with Brasco, you have a guide to help you with the maze of regulatory and market issues you may face along the way.

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  • Brasco’s News

    • Brasco announces its participation in the World Ag Expo, nation’s most important agriculture show
    • Brasco’s CEO, Dauro Löhnhoff Dorea, meets Mr. Dennis Hankins, the U.S. General Consul in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in an event at the American Chamber of Commerce
    • The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce grants Brasco the 2013 Golden Plaque
    • The CEO, Dauro Löhnhoff Dorea meets the president of France, François Hollande, and the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, in São Paulo
    • Visit our European website at www.brasco.fr

    Quick Opportunities

    • Launch your business immediately with very minimal investment
    • Take advantage of the upcoming 2014 World Soccer Cup
    • Do not miss the chance to be in the Olympics 2016
    • Request a general guide about doing business in Brazil today