Additional Reasons to Expand to Brazil

  1. Exponential growth. Like China, Brazil has traditionally relied on its domestic economy, and pretty much tied to the American economy. However, in the last decades due to political and economic cooperation with its neighbor countries, Africa and other emerging markets, it became the heart of Latin America’s resurgence. Having access to hundreds of millions of new consumers (Brazil itself has 200,000,000 consumers), the opportunities to your business increase dramatically along with the chance to ride the tide of growth offered by emerging markets. Brazil is the strategic market for businesses seeking to penetrate a region bursting with potential.

    Notwithstanding, Brazil is considered as being among the most challenging places in the world to do business, which is why having local expertise in the country will ultimately improve the success rates of your overseas venture.

  2. Emerging market opportunities. Right now, most of the products Brazil exports are raw materials. So the time is right for business owners to enter the country with an entrepreneurial spirit. Recently, Brazil and the U.S. announced an innovation-focused agenda that will deepen commercial relations on five core themes, including: innovation and green technology; trade facilitation and business development; intellectual property cooperation; standards and metrology; and services and small- and medium-size enterprises. If you’re in the business of developing new products and innovations that other countries have taken for granted, Brazil could be fertile ground for you.
  3. Expanding to Brazil – Latin America’s leading country – makes your business more robust and less exposed to the economic shocks of a single region. A downturn in business in the United States, can be easily compensated for by operations in emerging markets, and then further galvanize margins, profits, and growth when times are good in the U.S.
  4. Expansion from the United States into Brazil makes sense for numerous reasons. Brazil and the United States are the two largest economies and the two largest democracies in the Western Hemisphere, with bilateral trade exceeding $100 billion. Geographically, Brazil is slightly larger than the contiguous United States and her population is north of 200,000,000. Brazil is the 5th largest country by population and the 6th largest economy in the world. Of the top 8 most populous countries in the world, Brazil ranks 2nd only to the United States in terms of GDP per capita (PPP). Brazil also has the largest middle class in Latin America at over 100,000,000 people and is a member of Mercosul, the South American free trade zone..