Doing Business in Brazil

BRASCO aims to provide a route map of the way ahead, together with signposts to other sources of help to get you started in Brazil without experiencing the challenges and difficulties that other endeavors have faced. Our team is composed of American and Brazilian citizens with long expertise and ability to guide you through all the steps to make you successful in Brazil.

BRASCO provides you with deep and extensive knowledge about Brazil; an overview of its economy, business culture, potential opportunities and helps you to identify the main issues associated with initial research, market entry, risk management and cultural and language issues.

World acknowledged as a high growth market, Brazil is simply too big a market to ignore. It is the fifth-largest country in the world with a population of around 200 million people. It has one of the world’s most rapidly developing economies and a GDP per head greater than either India or China. With a broad and sophisticated industrial base, if a product or service is generally competitive in world markets it is also likely to sell well in Brazil. Consumers and businesses have developed high standards both for quality and value for money.