Business Partners

Dauro Löhnhoff Dorea is the President and CEO of Brasco Enterprises Group. He brings over 25 years of experience in the Brazilian market serving as legal counsel of many corporations in the world. He is the main partner of prominent law firm that represents a wide range of big companies in all industries. He also was the legal director of the Russian Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Brazil. He speaks Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. Since 1992 Mr. Löhnhoff Dorea has been providing legal advisory services to both public and private companies. In addition, he is one of the founders of the Interamerican Bar Association in Brazil and of the Brazilian Arbitration Association. Due to his expertise, Mr. Löhnhoff Dorea has assisted companies in developing a long-term business strategy through preparing and implementing business plans and legal strategies for companies to succeed in the Brazilian market.  He has a law degree with specialization in Corporate Law. He represents American companies in Brazil and has been helping American companies to do business in Brazil for many years.

Jennifer Shepherd is Brasco’s CKO and our Regional Director. She is a graduate of UCLA and has extensive experience in sales, marketing and strategic business development. Additionally, she is involved in a number of community and professional organizations.

Christopher Dorian is Brasco’s CCO and legal counsel.  Christopher has an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and obtained his law degree from Mc George Universtity. Christopher has extensive expertise in American law.

Independent Sales Representatives:

Wilson Martins Junior, is the head of Brasco-France. Wilson obtained a B.A. degree, studied in the King’s College of London University (England), in Sorbonne (France), Université Paris Ouest and has specialiation in Project Management by the Institut Supérieur du Marketing de Paris and International Business by IFOCOP in Paris.  He worked with large multinational corporations and also to the Ministry of Culture of France.

Alexander McLain Blanton, graduated in Finance, Bachelor of Science by the NYU – New York University, School of Business where he was awarded with Dean’s List and Honor Roll with Distinction. He has knowledge of investment banking and corporate finance. Studied Business and Mandarin language at East China Normal University.

Kenneth (Kyung Hwan) Ra, graduated in Finance by the DePaul University, has knowledge in Financial Statement Analysis, Risk Management, Financial Modeling, Corporate Finance, Investments, Investment Banking, Management, Mutiny and Entrepreneurship. Worked in companies as Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Google and others. Mr. Ra is fluent in Korean and English.